We always dreamed of collaborating our creative visions. Here it is!

The Crafty Vision is a husband and wife team. Both artists and craftsmen, self taught and driven by our God given talents to create.
We met 20+ years ago on the phone at work! Jason in Chicago at the time transplanted from Detroit, and me in St. Louis. Our voices hearing something far deeper than we could understand, a Divine plan in motion.
When you visit our Vision, our shop- every item's detail is a well thought design that is carefully carried out. We love the creative process. We both get lost in our craft, and get so exited when our ideas come to life. Jason will step over to see what I'm working on or where I am in a project, and I do the same to see what awesome creation is emerging from a block of wood. We are enjoying bringing this love into our shop-our Crafty Vision.

There is a great fulfillment in someone appreciating these items we've made with our hands and poured our hearts into. Great attention is put into every customer's purchase right down to packaging and send off. We check back on the sale to see that it's delivered and get exited when we receive responses back! So many times we get to hear "she said yes" after the engagement ring puzzle boxes have made an introduction into a couple's big day. It warms our souls! A piece of art, a carefully crafted piece of jewelry from forgotten, once loved silverware-loved again! This is our fuel. Thank you for your interest.

Until the last few years we didn't have the time to explore what that meant for the two of us together. I made artful, crafty items and paintings as gifts, and Jason made furniture for our home.
As time went by and our creativity exploded and melded, all the while filling our home and morphing into The Crafty Vision. ----The Crafty Vision, not only a clever name for our collaboration, but a 20 year story unfolding before our eyes of the many adventures and experiences of two creative souls who found each other.

God is so good!

We hope you enjoy our vision as much as we have enjoyed bringing it into fruition!

Peace to you.

Jason & Lisa 💑
The Crafty Vision

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